Wednesday, March 30, 2011

-My Dear Brother-

How should I tell the world?
"Saya gagal lagi"

My dear brother,
Only one thing you should know
We have to sacrifice to keep us from suffer

I even cant wait for one day, nor for welcoming my precious day
I cant wait to let you free from all my ego.

Dont ever think that I'm happy with this, but I have to.

Semoga semua gak sia2..
Kamu berhak bahagia
Kamu berhak bebas
Kamu berhak memilih
Kamu berhak utk yg lebih baik
dan Kamu berhak utk yg terbaik
bukan saya.

I pray for all your success and happiness
If you decide to hate me and keep away from me, that's your option
I'm begging you thousand forgiveness

I still love you brother but the fact doesn't love us,
wishing you and mom here wif me in my birthday as my wish.

14 June 2008 | Aringga Prima Satya

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