Tuesday, June 29, 2010

-Entry for my bestfriend-

Kenangan 3 tahun aku kuliah adalah kamu,,
Hari-hari selama 3 tahun aku kuliah selalu ada kamu,,
Jam-jam selama 3 tahun kuliah selalu bareng kamu,,
Apapun tentang aku selalu kamu yang lebih tau,,
Mo cerita apapun selalu sama kamu,,

Lots of  Togetherness,
Lots of  Happiness,
Lots of  Craziness,
Lots of  Madness
Lots of  Sadness,
Lots of  Confusion,
Lots of Adventure,
Since we're placed apart :(
a month without seeing you at once,

just when I saw some of our thousand pics, i know you're here...

 Inget Foto ni say?? ^_^ foto sem satu kan ya hihih. 
Mungkin foto pertama kita bareng2 kan yaaa ^^

Semester 2 ya? SUMPAH CULUN! GAK BANGET haha
P/s: Baru pertama berhijab

foto yang selalu buat aq ketawa hahaha

Foto box satu2 nya bareng kamu wktu kamu ke palembang

network engineer wanna  be *HAKS* 

Foto wktu habis exam :D

Si pencuri balon ^^ 

Always togther :(

Photoshoot narsis2an

The most pic that i love!! happiest candid moment hihi

 Ko-K Bareng,,,

dan ini foto terakhir bareng kamu, foto terakhir yang aq simpen bareng kamuu...T_T
*taken after last exam in my degree, last time I met all of my classmates*

P/S : Really want to meet you soon dear :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

-Moment Of togetherness-

Semenjak masuk dunia internship yang tadinya bisa tiap hari ketemu jadi cuma bisa ketemu setiap weekend.
Semua menyebar ke pelosok-pelosok KL..hufff. I'm totally feel such a loneliness, tinggal sendirian jauh dari temen-temen. Pengobatnya cuma menyempatkan diri kumpul-kumpul sama mereka..

Last weekend stayed one night at Maluri, have lots of fun, kangen pempek jadi pada masak pempek, kangen tekwan juga jadi masak2 tekwan... 

Great to have all of u UUMania batch 092 ^^

Thursday, June 24, 2010

-IBM BladeCenter Seminar-


Two days off  from office because of attended this seminar as a representative from my internship company.
lot lot of experience i can get in here.
Actually in this seminar they brief us their (IBM) server innovation product.
Me as one who have a lil bit background about network but I totally get lost in here :(
huaaaaa...I need more more and more education in a real word, I mean what I can't get in class, in University.
I just eat all on what in Networking text book then get a good result, but actually zero in implementation.
Is it my bad?
By attending this a learn more about server. Thanks to my big boss for gimme this chance.
and thanks to PM for accompany me also in this two days seminar, fetch and drop me, treat me :D, and thanks with your patience to accompany me shopping also, you're great sir..hihi

I will post a link soon where you can get all the material given in this seminar if you're interested in.

-1st day -
as corporate as I can, this seminar for sales and pre-sales person actully ~.~"

This guy was so great in presenting and answering all of the question

-2nd day-
Server Rack, with IBM bladeServer-S chassis, containt with 4 blade server. All in one box...great

This is IBM HS21 server, I just know that server can be this tiny and small >.<

p/s :  Thanks to Mr.Boss for taken my picture hihihihih...
p/s/s: 50th post since 4 month blogging

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Nothing to do, just want to create desktop wallpaper for my helpdesk PC,
the company logo has been re-design by me ^^ as my boss wish.
The second picture I've design template for ASTect corporate profile,
hihihihi such an elegant I think ^^

p/s : I love to be here
p/s/s: Everyday I learn something
p/s/s/s: Everyday I lough here 
p/s/s/s/s: Owh sudah lama sekali gak ngedesign design huhuh

Monday, June 21, 2010

-Luv to know u all-

 -Fitting dan Rehearsal-

Semua bermula waktu tiba2 aq dapet sms yang kurang lebih isinya nyuruh aq dateng buat rehearsal di Jusco Seri Kembangan.
Hummm gak kenal pun, gak pernah contact n ketemu si EO ni langsung. I wonder how come she knows me *FB walking rupanya*
Feeling excited, terpaksa batal acara sama anak2 di Maluri (sory Alin, Winta, Deka)
sebenernya bener2 ambil resiko, nekat2an..
gak tau pun dimana tu Jusco Seri Kembangan, tepaksa googling maps, n pergi naik taksi *zzz mahal.

After waiting for 1 hours, Jannah *Event Organizer* really come and fetch me there.
what a nice,sweet, and gorgeous girl..still young but so great in her abhaya business
.uhmm lupa..abhaya actually all dress that me and my friends were in pictures above.
simple nya Jubah arab lah..
Simple tapi elegant

Then, went to KLCC to fetch up others three models (actually must be 10, buat only 4 available on that day)
such a long and looong journey...fiufhh...
tapi jannah so friendly,,seru ngobrol2 sama dia..
gak terasa udah di KLCC, jemput yang laen n directly went to rehearsal.
cuma pilih baju, fitting, practice catwalk. and DONE!

The best part is having dinner together..
saya gak pernah kenal pun orang2 di bawah ini, satu pun,mungkin baru kenal 1-2jam...
but we're had fun..
having dinner in Jannah's fiancee Arabic resaturan.
highly recomended!!
apalagi 'TEH BOH' nya...pergggghhh superb.

-Jannah, Jijah, Fifie, Kak Sofia, Me, Nazneen-

You are such damn pretty girls...
love to know and be friends wif all of you..
see you in this Friday
do the best for the event

p/s: Alhamdulillah..kalo rezeki dan nasib gak kemana...
p/s/s : some of picture taken in Nazeen Album ^^

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

-Tempe dan Sayur Bening-

masak sederhana tapi ini makanan favorit saya!!!
alhamdulilah bisa masak2 simple :D

 berapa menit kemudian
p/s : makanan masakan mama yang paling saya suka kalo dirumah nyam nyam
p/s/s: homesick

Monday, June 14, 2010

-my lil sista-

My little sister  has grown up
she's so adorable and damn cute now,
Everyday lookin at your update pictures make me can't lie I really missing u badly right now

Stay cute nenk...
Hope we can meet soon

p/s : 15 years old

-Happy 2nd Year Anniversary-

720 days with u....luv u prima...

p/s : Ya Allah jodohkan lah kami kalau kami tidak jodoh :D