Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Journey begin...

and may will be the last memory..


p/s : suddenly i'm sad :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

Red blog theme? Why not!

Actually this blog is new in release 2 months ago, yup officially 2 months old .. as I post in my first post, this blog is not filled-outpouring outpouring me or about what I fikirkan and I do daily. yaaaaa actually because I'm lazy to write basicly. so as this is the blog world of mine ... yup its contents smua me and my photos. truly narcissistic person is not it? hehe.

ops forgot, actually in this post i wanna let you know that since 2 month i join as blogger, 2 times also i redesign my blog interface. I love in tinkering HTML code, i wont let it stop till i get what i want...
since my first interface

yaaa a lot or too much narcissism in here...hahaha
but then in 15th April my eyes feel so disturbed by that un-centered position...
think and think it much more better to be centered..

then after 2am-5am in the morning...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
my second interface has been made it.
yeyeye...for sure many flaws here and there but at least I feel satisfied with my knowledge and ability to improvise huhuh.Hesty in red? why not * thinking pink That is better huhuh.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Have been for a long time stop for learning photo manipulation and editing,
too much concern in graphic design and so many others things...

huaaahh i'm crazy in editing,,
forcing me to more and more...
come on stop for a while hesty,do it your final report first then continue...hihih.....

 Comment please ^^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

-Photoshoot- (just have fun-3)


OUTING : Wednesday | 7th April 2010 | above 5.30 | UUM Area, DKG 3
Talent : Julie and hesty

Photographer :

In my birthday.. sbnenrya cuma pngen kTemu2 ma mreka2.
*just think that i'll have a lot of fun..

and who's julie??
here she is...hhehe

Monday, April 5, 2010

-Prince and Princess2010 Grand Dinner PBS -

Held by : Pusat Budaya dan Seni
Place : Star City Hotel, Alor Star
Theme : Prince and Princess
Friday | 2nd April 2010

a Big big thanks utk Om Asmady Ahmady yang udah banTuin aq nyari2 butik buaat dapetin baju kekni.. makasih buat Om art yaNg udah bela2 nganterin aku ke Butik Kim *owner : Miss Teoh*, padahal Om art kurang tidur..huhu.Such a great time with u, omart dah crta2 bnyak ttg manusia hipokrit..argh!!!,
Thanks juga utk Om daiyo yang sudah nganterin pulang ke UUM lagi..
thanks utk OM hairul,Abng SC,Kak zura yg turut menghidupkan suasana..huhu...
thanks utk smuanya hari tu,,

Ini acara grandinner buat anak2 yang dah mo lulus, thema nya grand..Prince and princess...
Ada penobatan Prince and Princess 2010 juga malem tu, ama bbrapa nominasi sperti Miss/mr Gila Kamera *yaa saya yg dapet huhuh*, miss/mr mangsa fashion, Miss/mr gila mic, dll...
Acaranya happening, MC kocak...buat sakit ntaH knapa malem tu aq ngrasa boring. kek kecewa acaranya gak kek yg aq bayangin.

Oiya..big thank to MOFZAN STUDIO yang udah mo dateng buat snap2 bberapa foto wktu tu, untung ada mereka..kalo gak spa yg dokumetasiin..huhu. soalny phtographer resmi ny gak bisa dateng gara2 rumahny kebanjiran huhuh

well, ini bbrapa foto yg berhasil sy ambil dr FB hihih,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

-Photo Studio- (princess)

Gak puas saya tetep mo ngupload foto ini....
baju yang mestinya aq bisa pake buat dinner malem ni, tp tiba2 karna alasan yang gak masuk akal dan sangat personal tapi saya kena imbasnya..
well, saya dapat jauh lebih bgus dari ini...

thanks for SCORPIONCLICK studio n butik

-Photoshoot- (colourful strobist)

Sunday | 21th March 2010 | 8.00p.m | Changloon

Do some experiment about lighting, play with low speer make me 'little tired' huhu..
but the result is awesome..i luv it...

special thanks to Use Art as our photographer at this time

here some pict capture :