Sunday, July 25, 2010

-Office Family Day-

ASTECH- Office Family Day 
Trip to Kuala Terengganu
23-25 July 2010

1st day : 23 July 2010, Family Gathering 

volleyball beach @ primula beach hotel resort 
* for the 1st time main volleyball takut tangan sakit, rupanya enggak pun..i like ^^

capture memory wif all who joined this program

 having dinner wif all staff n family

2nd day : 24 July 2010, Shopping at Pasar Payang and Visiting TTI
@ pasar payang  buying some batik ^^

@ Masjid Crystal, Kuala Terengganu

 @ taman monumen tamadun islam (TTI)

 Having lunch @ masjid Crsytal arabic restauran *waitin for the meal :D

3rd day : 25 July 2010, Candat Sotong

 this one is the most unforgettable experience i ever had,
Traveled wif boat for me is ok, but were stranded in the middle of the sea and wandered blindly by the waves for about five hours totally made me flat and collape.
OH MOTION SICKNESS!! Bluek blueekkk for 6 times!
ohh I surender!.
But i got 3 squids, is that good rite hehhe :D

 this one is ASTech's Boss  (My practicum supervisor also) with his entire family,
I adore this family so much!

p/s : badan sakit!
p/s: is it that you just can do to redesign your blog? just that kind of header design? hihih huahahaha..., a poor people without nothing except.....tet..
p/s/s : seee haha you you are weak

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