Wednesday, July 14, 2010


what a fantastic TV program, I really mean it!!!
really enjoy,  always feel nervous, crazy suddenly shouted reflexively....
tens of WOW and WOW and WOW
damn crazy and worth it babe! forget about final world cup 2010 hahaha....

well well well....
what I think about all this top 3 crews ?

Wakaka - The winner
so far I think they are always at the top because they are seniors, many fans who are interested in them. when viewed they perform, they are quite entertaining, nice, cool, but in terms of their skill...hummm OK to be in top 3 but not as a winner.
But then, in final showdown this night, at they second performance...
it's freakin WOW!!!!!!!!!! this guys really deserve it. oh Man!!
Congratulation for your RM50000 guys...Thanks to God, you must!

Giller Battle Crew (GBC)- 2nd Place
this crew really really come from zero to hero..
you'll be in my side if you follow this crew, they're tough, brave,soul like a fire explosive
in their second performance also, it must be added more time..
and you gonna feel their emotion,,huahhh they're awesome to
But i prefer to put them in 3rd place ^^

Floor Fever - 3rd Place
this crew really really awesome in all their performance!! Malaysia knows that :D
The only crew mix boy and girls, and all this 3 girls are superb! 
I really do support them *without voting hahaha*
they are very troubled in getting support and voted from the voters, but it's unfair.
they suppose to get better then this 3rd place :(
i'm deeply disappointed..hiks hiks
you guys must watch they performence, they first unique, and dramatic performance. using a lots of costumes, love to see.
and damn WOW of their second performance, using Live percussion music, and Live Rapper there.
oh my oh my...
Luv u lots guys...

hummm better for u to watch their repeated broadcast in
(you need to create an account first) once you wanna a see the final show, you gonna be want to watch more and more until their first episode ^^

 again, Congratulation WAKAKA CREW

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