Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Thanks Allah
This feelin always right when it feels suspicious
Hurt just for a while

When completely alone, lonely,
I've to fight with my life my love
Just Hope and pray it's gonna be better
But when I sacrifice then other didnt even appreciate it with try to set me apart

Thanks Allah, You always give me this feeling that always right ^_^
 Again I have to faced this bad truth twice

p/s : just keep ma heart ^^


  1. nice blog intersting..ilmu blog yg patut diperturunkan kepada blogger yg baru sperti sy...(><)

  2. HE will only test us who HE knows have enough strength and force to face the tests and difficulties.
    so, dun sigh and believe that HE is always with us no matter what.
    Allah holds the master plan and it is already written. :)

  3. @ cyro : thanks ^^,I just can fill up with pic and pic ^^

    @ zeha : Agreed! I believe Him :)