Tuesday, June 1, 2010

-welcome to office world-


Sory..hehhe..feel so tired in my 1st day office time

-My company??
my company still in development process,,established three years ago...
but i can say that they have been done such a great progress.
First day i have a morning talk,such a small briefing wif my bos, give me all the information about this company. uhm actually they specialize them self in printer services, maintenance, and IT services.
consist only 6 boys (boys?? :D) : Director, General Manager, Project Manager, Staff, and 2 technicians.
Such a small office but they're soooo busy >.<", because of 6 peoples handle all the project.
every day, every hour *sometimes every minute* phone ringing and ringing..*handphone also >.<"

They're cool, and love to have some jokes..
happy to be there,they treat me well..coz i'm a flower in the middle of  beetles hiihiih...

humm better to be in this small company but they give me average salary, instead of in a huge one but they got nothing hihihi ^^
-being the 1st practical student in my office
as i told u, my company seems like a newbie one, they are in the stage that they fell that they can hire practical student to get involve and being paid also :D

-being the one and only practical student in my office 
 same like above ^^
-being the 1st female in that office
 actually few weeks before i start my practical, i already get connected with the project manager named Hamka through Facebook, in his photo album i saw his pic in the office.
This two pic that make me worried, am i the one and only female????
 and it's true huhuh...
"Congratulation hesty, you're the first female in this office",my bos,the GM,and PM said.

p/s:  foto di saat office hour sudah habis,dan mereka mulai karaoke
-being the one and only female among six male 
of course

- given 1st task to re-design company websites
@.@ 1st task?? T___T

- having lunch with other staff and gossipiiiinnggg :D
they bring me along with them, riding a car, having lunch in a food court that pretty far away from the office.
and i get my self treated *hhihi..
 during lunch i just hear and get involved gossiping about "Mr.H", i'll tell letter

- geli sama Bos office lain yang 'gatal'
yup he's "MR.H", director of company "X" in the 2nd floor.
he's always come to our office actually but for the 1st time he saw me.
"waaaaaa cantik staff baru, nak satu suruh duduk di office saya"
"hesty tolong buatkan saya kopi"  then i get my self confused, which one is my boss?? grrr
(padahal staff lain bilang kalau dia gak pernah pun minta di buatin apa2 pun, tiba2 gatal)
and the one make me shock, "hesty..." with pinch my shoulder, "blablablablablablablablablablaba"
huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa percakapan yang menyampah dan gak penting,zzzzz

-malu karna 1st time dateng di tanya soal "hesty model ya? sebab lihat foto2 di FB" kyaaaaaa~~
since being friend with En.Hamka at Facebook, they told me that in one boring day with nothing to do, they all do a research in my FB ~___~"
looking all my photo album, and start to comment almost all my pics.
no wonder 1st day i meet all this six people, seems like they know me well...
my hometown, my family and so on
huaaa maluuuuuu la pulaaaaaaaaaaaak..


my first day office attire :D

Gak sempet foto2 suasana office, nanti lah kalo di office cuma saya sendiri ^^

p/s: cepet tidur! besok bangun pagi

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