Thursday, June 24, 2010

-IBM BladeCenter Seminar-

Two days off  from office because of attended this seminar as a representative from my internship company.
lot lot of experience i can get in here.
Actually in this seminar they brief us their (IBM) server innovation product.
Me as one who have a lil bit background about network but I totally get lost in here :(
huaaaaa...I need more more and more education in a real word, I mean what I can't get in class, in University.
I just eat all on what in Networking text book then get a good result, but actually zero in implementation.
Is it my bad?
By attending this a learn more about server. Thanks to my big boss for gimme this chance.
and thanks to PM for accompany me also in this two days seminar, fetch and drop me, treat me :D, and thanks with your patience to accompany me shopping also, you're great sir..hihi

I will post a link soon where you can get all the material given in this seminar if you're interested in.

-1st day -
as corporate as I can, this seminar for sales and pre-sales person actully ~.~"

This guy was so great in presenting and answering all of the question

-2nd day-
Server Rack, with IBM bladeServer-S chassis, containt with 4 blade server. All in one box...great

This is IBM HS21 server, I just know that server can be this tiny and small >.<

p/s :  Thanks to Mr.Boss for taken my picture hihihihih...
p/s/s: 50th post since 4 month blogging

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