Monday, April 19, 2010

Red blog theme? Why not!

Actually this blog is new in release 2 months ago, yup officially 2 months old .. as I post in my first post, this blog is not filled-outpouring outpouring me or about what I fikirkan and I do daily. yaaaaa actually because I'm lazy to write basicly. so as this is the blog world of mine ... yup its contents smua me and my photos. truly narcissistic person is not it? hehe.

ops forgot, actually in this post i wanna let you know that since 2 month i join as blogger, 2 times also i redesign my blog interface. I love in tinkering HTML code, i wont let it stop till i get what i want...
since my first interface

yaaa a lot or too much narcissism in here...hahaha
but then in 15th April my eyes feel so disturbed by that un-centered position...
think and think it much more better to be centered..

then after 2am-5am in the morning...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
my second interface has been made it.
yeyeye...for sure many flaws here and there but at least I feel satisfied with my knowledge and ability to improvise huhuh.Hesty in red? why not * thinking pink That is better huhuh.

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